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NG Management team - Simona Franková
CEO of NG Aviation

Simona is well experienced in the Aeronautical Information Management and also as a speaker for ICAO in eTOD (electronic terrain and obstacle data). She was working for Eurocontrol in Brussels on SWIM R&D unit and for several companies worldwide like Indra, Avitech, Air Navigation Service Provider of Slovak Republic as well.

Marek Franko
Chief Business Development

Marek worked on creating SW prototypes for Air Navigation Services and Airports (Android applications for airport traffic management and computation and simulation of navigation precision). From 2014 he worked as a contract PhD researcher in the Siemens AG - Headquarters in Germany where he was working on the simulation software development. Marek received “rerum naturalium doctor” from computational physics.

NG Management team - Marek Franko
NG Management team - Michal Demko
Michal Demko
Aviation Expert

Michal has 13 years of experience in aviation. He worked at different positions in aviation, such as handling agent, ATC and instructor in training department. He is Data Center Manager. His responsibility in NG Aviation is preparing, creating and data collection of AIXM data.

Ondrej Užovič

Chief Technology Officer

Ondrej is responsible for the whole software development in our company. He is leading development team according to SCRUM/Agile principles. Ondrej is senior software architect and team leader, He is 25 years in business. Ondrej is experienced in leading worldwide projects in cooperation with USA, India and Europe.

NG Management team - Ondrej Užovič
NG Management team - Jozef Granec
Jozef Granec
Chief Information Officer

Jozef has been working for 18 years in IT Software delivery, 13 years in IT managerial positions. Experience with IT management from supplier and customer point of view.

Alexander Dobiaš

Chief Financial Officer

Experienced manager with more than 10 years experience in corporate multinational matrix environment. Operational and strategic co-piloting of a commercial company, managing all finance and controlling operations, legal and administration activities, purchasing, general services and corporate affairs. “Co-pilot - right hand of General manager in all matters.”

NG Management team - Alexander Dobias
NG Management team - Ján Kolimar

Ján Kolimar

Sales Manager

Jan is an investor, former high-level manager at FIAT & NOKIA, a partner at investment company Infinity Capital. Jan has a broad experience in managing international teams in various areas of Europe (CEE, Russia), currently acting as a sales manager at NG Aviation.

Peter Mocik

Project leader

Peter is working in Aviation field for more than 13 years. He is responsible for NG AIME products and the successful delivery in cooperation with business development department. Peter is also managing couple of projects and is responsible for analyzing requirements from authorities.

NG Management team - Peter Mocik