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NG aviation

Making aviation digital


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About NG aviation

''Giving aeronautical information value it deserves''

NG Aviation takes digitization of the aeronautical information to the next level.

Allowing all relevant stakeholders to communicate in a common language and common data format while supporting a single source of truth, gives digital transition of the civil and military aviation information management and exchange a whole new meaning. Reflecting on the expectations of the 21st century, NG Aviation increases the value of aeronautical information by guaranteeing data quality and its reliability.

NG Aviation pushes the boundaries of current data use practices and uncovers new horizons and capabilities fuelled by digital aeronautical data, providing tangible benefits to real operations of all data consumers.

''One language, one data format, single source of truth.''

The company transforms the way aeronautical information is managed and shared among all critical stakeholders to improve information flow, optimize ineffective processes, give organizations the necessary tools to comply with the latest regulations. It uses the information to organizational benefit and most importantly increases aviation safety.