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Next Generation - Digital Operational Support System

NG-AIRLINE has been developed to enhance the performance and efficiency of the airlines’ operation control centers and other relevant departments and deliver comprehensive aeronautical information to the pilots in a harmonized and easy to use manner. Easy access to aeronautical and non-aeronautical information contained in AIXM 5.1 digital data, including the Digital NOTAM, available to operations & crew within one harmonized source, results in significant time and effort reduction with respect to searching for valid information, creation of ePIB, and many more. The customized visualization of aeronautical features in real-time and selection based on a specific flight or specific area enhances the situational overview of airline operations and supports the decision-making associated with the optimization of flight plans.  
Multiple sources of various data complicate the identification of the right information and interfere with the safety of the passengers. Digital aeronautical information opens new opportunities for understandable and easily accessible information distributed immediately to all relevant stakeholders.