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Next Generation – Military Aviation Data Management

The tool gives military stakeholders data independence and enhances clarity of the exchanged information with civilian partners for improved safety and security of shared airspaces and aerodromes. The platform is also suitable for safety-critical civil-military information exchange, based on Information Protection Services (IPS) protocols, thus providing the possibility of exchanging intended information (only such content that is addressed to the civil authorities and their end users) between the key aviation stakeholders.

AIXM 5.1 Military Airspace visualization in NG AIME desktop application

The NG AIME Military system enhances the work of the Military AIS units and Wing Operations Centers through the transformation of textual information contained in AIP publications into a digital AXIM native format and enables the creation of digital information about:

  • airports,
  • airspace structures,
  • organizations and units,
  • points and navigational points,
  • procedures, routes and airspace restrictions

Through digital information with time and geography, NG AIME Military brings a real-time digital situation to the systems, such as closed runways and taxiways, ongoing work in areas, temporary routes, etc., with the accurate visual representation. The NG AIME Military system is also designed to be able to manage and distribute the complete timeline of aeronautical data, including temporary/permanent updates.

NG AIME Military system use:

1. Military Airspace Management
2. Military Airfield Management
3. Military AIS Provider
4. Military Wing Operations Center

Digital NOTAM Military Airspace activation in AIXM 5.1