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Aerodromes represent one of the most crucial elements in the aviation industry. On-time air traffic management is directly influenced by safe, efficient, and most importantly, fluent aerodrome operations. The delay caused by the aerodrome is only the starting point, from which the delay only increases minute by minute. Airside services have to coordinate activities in absolute harmony to minimize possible delays and depart the aircraft on time. Valid, relevant and updated digital aerodrome information is most suited to support Airport Collaborative Decision-Making and give all the safety-critical strategic overview of the airside area to the AOCC room. Digital aerodrome data thus act as a Single Source of Truth and reference point to all relevant stakeholders.

”Visual representation of digital NOTAM improves overall situational awareness of all relevant airside departments.”

Air navigation service provider

Air Navigation Service Providers play an indispensable role in establishing a sustainable and progressive environment built on digital aeronautical solutions that substantially increase effectivity and traffic throughput. Aeronautical information exchange in a digital environment allows the creation of products and services that offer new functions and a technological shift towards a better and more robust future of air navigation services. NG Aviation is committed to working with ANSPs and other stakeholders to reach new digital horizons. Our current product portfolio goes beyond the traditional understanding of AIM and directly feeds digital aeronautical data to operational usage to increase informational availability and boost organizational effectivity and overall situational awareness.

”Full AIS to AIM transition guaranteed by managing all ICAO Annex 15 datasets in one AIXM 5.1 environment.”

Civil Aviation Authority

Regulatory bodies are critical elements in the digital transformation of the Civil Aviation sector. ICAO requirements implementation rest on the shoulders of countries regulatory organizations. An authority with a role of regulation, licencing and oversight about all aviation activities requires tools that are based on digital aeronautical data but also enable operationally undisruptive auditing. In the AIM sector, this shall be done through integrated ecosystems that were designed to include different actors within the process of data origination and management. Our company offers products and services that enable the digital transformation of Civil Aviation Authorities and other industry partners which are striving for digital interoperability.

With extensive experience in digital transition, NG Aviation offers its services in the implementation of digital strategies that would cover the aviation segment as a whole.

”Full data history covering the whole aeronautical data chain available at all the time.”


Airline operations must consider information from different areas of the air traffic coordination, including the actual and predicted situation at the aerodrome, the capacities and possible limitations of airspaces, and valid NOTAMs.

At NG Aviation, we believe that the availability of updated digital information in all its complexity enhances the airline operations in multiple ways – flight planning, preparation of ePIB, evaluation of the current situation, and ad-hoc changes in the flight plan. In addition, the visual reference of all aeronautical information give the data a whole new value and make dealing with the information more manageable and clearly understandable.

”Immediately accessible aeronautical information with its visual representation boosts data understanding & increases aviation safety.”

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The digitization process requires all actors, including military, to exchange relevant aeronautical information clearly and immediately to increase the safety of all airspace users.  Military is one of the most important airspace users that affect everyday airspace use. To achieve higher operational goals, digital aeronautical information in standardized information exchange models enables deeper interaction between other stakeholders without losing the security and independence of military systems. NG Aviation provides solutions that take digital aeronautical, military class information and asset management to a new level.

”Advanced flexible use of airspace for improved civil-military coordination.”


Unmanned aircraft systems or drones are the future of low altitude, short-distance air transport. Although there is a long path towards Urban Air Mobility (UAM), authorities and the industry is fully committed to integrating it into the overall airspace system and air traffic control. NG Aviation is supporting U-SPACE functionalities within all developed systems. Our product roadmap includes multiple valuable software solutions that fuel further growth within this part of the industry. NG Aviation believes in interconnections of the ATM and the UTM worlds. There can be no separation as these two are inseparable and influence one another directly. This is why we focus on developing a comprehensive CIS platform that would allow USSP providers to communicate with the ATM world easily and receive request approval with concrete aeronautical data in a fast and easy to interpret way.

”Interconnecting the world of ATM & UTM with a unified source of data.”

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