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DATA Analysis

Data quality of shared aeronautical information is essential for the safety of us all. Based on our extensive experience in the digitization of the aviation industry, NG Aviation offers a deep analysis of your digital data. The focus is being put on the correct structure of digital data in relation to AIXM 5.1 schema, the completeness of the data, and other crucial aspects, including the temporality or metadata information. The final output of this service is a complete analysis of customers data that can include advisory or guidance material on how to correct or complete your digital data to fulfill its full potential and give your information the value it deserves.

Data Analysis service can also be provided in association with Data Creation service, where the analysis of paper/analogue aeronautical information is performed to examine the completeness of the information and evaluate the digitisation process’s readiness.

Apart from aeronautical information and AIXM 5.1 data, NG Aviation is ready to examine and analyze your geography information or geometry data by determining the relative height in the area of interest by combining a digital terrain model and a footprint vector layer.